Seminario Hecho, Verdad y Relato – UNTREF

Midiatizaçao, novos regimes de significaçao, novas práticas analíticas?

Mídia, Discurso e Sentido,  Editora da Universidade Federal da Bahia, págs. 17-55

Bahía, 2012

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It’s good to have another place to turn to instead of undertaking a whole development process

Papeles en el tiempo

Editorial Paidós


Buenos Aires

ISBN: 9789501207033

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Marcelo Leiras entrevista a Eliseo Veron. Parte I

But after the 1999 shootings at colorado’s columbine high school, many states dissolved those prohibitions, allowing districts to decide whether students could bring or use cellphones

Marcelo Leiras entrevista a Eliseo Verón. Parte II

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Marcelo Leiras entrevista a Eliseo Verón. Parte III

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Marcelo Leiras entrevista a Eliseo Verón. Parte IV

Unfortunately, neither the teachers nor the enthusiasm lasted long

Seminario ¿Existe una hegemonía kirchnerista? – CIPOL

It’s not quite as interesting as some of august’s new products, though

Claude Lévi-Strauss y el fin del humanismo

Claude Lévi-Strauss en el pensamiento contemporáneo, A. Bilbao, S-E Gras y P. Vermeren (eds.) Ediciones Colihue, págs. 311-317

Buenos Aires, 2009

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The analogies section tested students’ ability to find the relationship between a pair of given words and then identify a pair of words from the answer choices that had the same relationship